Why Us

Aura Krafts

Established in 2013, Aura Krafts promises to provide exquisite range of customized products at customary prices. We create wide array of products such as wood printing blocks, wooden animal designs, wooden gift boxes, lehga chunri, sarees, handicraft items, glass gift items, shawls, fabric, wood animals, and anything you can fancy in terms of décor, ethnic wears, and gift items.

You must be wondering, why you should choose us when there are numerous other renowned handicraft companies out there. Well, we have answer for your valid question. Here are few value added and unique services offered by us which make Aura Krafts different from other eminent organizations.


Being new in the market, we have keenness and zeal to prove our talent, which is one of the most for-granted traits of almost all the well-known organizations. Meant specifically for foreign markets, our products not just look elite, splendid and fabulous, they are also very affordable. Main goal behind establishment of Aura Krafts is not to outdo other handicraft companies in terms of price, but it rather is to outdo them in terms of making quality products available to its customers.


We honor the fact that people residing in different parts of world have diverse tastes, preferences and choices. That being said, there are myriad instances when you have more bent towards certain cultural handicrafts, which are not readily available to you in your own country. We will provide you made-to-order products belonging to niche market. You have pretty great chances of dazzling your friends with your glamorous, as well as elegant attire, décor items etc.


Aura Krafts will get you in the feeling of home away from home. In addition to getting export material on time, you will also face no problem regarding communication. We are just one phone call away from you. No matter which country you belong to, we are round the clock available at your service.


All the personnel in Aura Krafts are blessed with amazing talent of transforming your imagination into reality. Coming from varied parts of country rich in diverse arts and cultures, these people are passionate about their work, and their fervor can aptly be seen in their work. Our cordial team makes sure that they comprehend the requirements of customers well and then turn them into reality with their artistic work.

Exclusive Range

Right from attire to gift items, Aura Krafts has extensive range of products. We are one stop shop for all your creative and art related needs. Besides that, should we fall short of designs, we have myriad qualified third party contacts. Third party contacts have specifically been made to meet bulk or niche orders in timely manner without compromising on quality.

Manual Work

In fast growing world where machines are overpowering manual work, we strongly believe in manual work, and if provided a chance, we can prove its worth to you also. Art work obtained with machines or electronic equipment can be quick, but it inevitably cannot produce the same magical impacts as are provided by diligent and expert hands. Classic lovers of opulent art can readily distinguish handmade work from machine work.